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Since being awarded the contract for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs in December 2016, the E-zec team have been extremely busy mobilising the service. This included the procurement of vehicles, property and equipment and the transfer of patient bookings. Over 90 staff have now successfully transferred into E-zec. The service now has additional, new road teams, all trained and DBS cleared, ready for day one.

As expected, we hit the ground running and are pleased to say that all patients were delivered safely to and from their hospital appointments.

This is now our ninth mobilisation in 11 months and we operate a robust mobilisation plan that has been a complete success. The team that support this have a full understanding of the task and are extremely professional, hardworking and have great attention to detail.

Andy Wickenden commented:

Having first-hand experience in all E-zec mobilisations and being the project lead, it’s really important that I understand each part of the implementation. With so many patient transport services changing providers, and so many mistakes being made, I am pleased to say that all of our mobilisations in the past year have been a complete success. This is not just about offering a sustainable delivery model; it is having in-depth experience of the industry. Over the coming weeks there will be developments and changes made to the service, which reflect our delivery model to further enhance the service.