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NHS Customers

All members of our Senior Management Team have vast experience in the operation of Non Emergency Patient Transport Services. Our knowledge spans over 19 years, and all company directors have worked closely with our NHS Trust partners to ensure we deliver an effective, safe, quality service model to suit their needs. As our directors own and operate E-zec, we can offer a flexible service, designed by them, to ensure we are meeting contracted KPIs as well as quality standards. Our experience and approach allows us to act quickly and adapt the service to meet specific needs at any time.

NHS Customers

E-zec operates the complete service delivery solution for people that are eligible for patient transport to and from their healthcare appointment. This includes; undertaking the patient’s booking, applying eligibility screening, to the safe transport of a patient to and from a healthcare setting. Since applying the eligibility criteria and questions, our Trust partners have been able to focus our services on people that are eligible for transport, including patient groups that were not aware of the service(s) available to them.

Supporting the board of directors is a highly experienced management team, all with extensive experience of operating Non Emergency Patient Transport.

The flexible, service delivery solution we offer includes the following:

  1. Dedicated experienced management teams
  2. Board directors with extensive knowledge of NEPTS
  3. Mobilising countywide services
  4. Call taking service
  5. Eligibility screening service
  6. Proactive patient flow and discharge management
  7. Dedicated discharge resources
  1. Dedicated control, plan and despatch teams, located in the contracted area
  2. Abort reduction plans
  3. HDU and bariatric vehicles
  4. Out of area journeys, including funding verification from receiving Clinical Commissioning Groups
  5. Dedicated resources
  6. Dedicated renal resources