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On the 1st October E-zec successfully mobilised 2 NEPT services, one in Somerset and the other in South Staffordshire. During the mobilisation period E-zec’s team were split across the two locations to ensure both go-lives were successful and able to deliver a fully operational service on the 1st. This showed the true capability of our mobilisation teams and E-zec’s ability to ensure all 120 road/office staff and 70 vehicles were operational on day one.

Control and planning for South Staffordshire was moved into North Staffordshire, which now controls the ‘Pan Staffordshire’ contract, maximising vehicle capacity and enhancing the service to both patients and NHS staff. We also opened two operational hubs within the South Staffordshire area for road staff, supervisors and vehicles.

Three bases within the Somerset area were also opened, with control and planning teams moved into a new operating hub, pulling these staff into a single location within the contracted area. We also recruited additional control/planners and road teams to further enhance the service.

Go-live day for both services went extremely well, with all patients being conveyed to their appointments in line with the contracted KPIs.

These mobilisations would not have been possible without the dedication of our senior management teams and the Directors wish to thank them for their outstanding contribution and hard work during this busy period.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new colleagues into our growing business and thank them for their contribution to this success.